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All designs are from original hand-carved molds, made in the USA by livestock enthusiasts.

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  • Cattle Pendants & Charms
  • Pigs, Sheep & Goat Pendants and Charms
  • Necklaces

A. $55.00

Original Sculpted Steer
Sterling silver, original sculpted calf with bail. The first and original mold from the artist.

14" x 1-1/8" - approx. 5.35 grams

B. $65.00

Sculpted Steer 2011
Sterling silver, originally hand carved with depth of conformation, nice bail.

Approx. 1-1/2" x 1-1/4" - Weight approx. 9.19 grams

C. $38.00

Calf Silhouette
Very popular sterling flat silhouette calf for pendant. Cast from mold to be thicker with nice bail. Also selected for building impressive charm bracelet.

Approx. 1" x 7/8" Weight approx. 5.5 grams

D. $58.00

Sculpted Calf Rear with bail
Thick-butt calf, sterling silver from hand-sculpted mold, built for extra conformation.

Approx. 1" x 1-1/8" - Weight approx. 12.5 grams

F. $25.00

Petite Calf
Sterling silver Petite calf with jump ring, excellent for charm bracelet.

Approx.6/8" x 5/8" - Weight approx 3.19 grams

L. $50.00

Sully Steer with bail
Sterling Silver from hand-carved mold, same calf as once seen at Sullivan's.

Approx. 1-1/4" x 1-1/8"


J. $95.00

Sterling Showmanship Pendant
Original artwork cast from original mold. Heirloom to forever remember a champion. Heavy, impressive with rope bail.

2-1/2" x 2"

K. $85.00

Sterling Cow/Calf Pendant
Mama cow and calf sterling pendant. A great gift for Mother. Original sterling cast from original artwork. An investment that will grow with the rise in silver prices. The B-2 large slider works really well with this piece on a variety of necklaces.

Approx. 1-6/8" x 1-1/2" - Weight approx. 26.10 grams

H. $30.00

Flat Cast Sterling Post Earrings
Post Earrings of Silhouette calf - new & thicker, has been one of the most purchased . Its construction is cast from mold.

Approx. 5/8" x 4/8" - Weight approx. 0.68 gram

I. NEW $48.00

Sculptured Sterling Silver
Sculptured Sterling Silver post earrings. Poured from mold that was hand carved. half inch.

E. $35.00

Calf Tie Tack
For him — sterling calf tie tack cast from mold.

Approx. 1" x 7/8" - Weight approx 4.47 grams

G. $13.00

Small Calf Charm
Small Flat cast calf with jump ring to attach to charms, bracelets & rings.

Approx. 5/8" x 4/8"

M. $55.00

Sterling Silver Sculpted Lamb Pendant
Sterling Silver pendant sculpted lamb from hand-carved mold, with bail.

1-1/2" x 1-1/8"

N. $55.00

Sterling Silver Sculpted Show Pig Pendant
Sculpted sterling pendant show pig from mold, with bail.

1-1/4" X 1"

O. $55.00

Sterling Silver Sculpted Show Goat Pendant
Sculptured Sterling pendant show pig from mold with bail.

1-1/4" x 1"

Q. $22.00

Flat Cast Sterling Silver Show Pig
These charms are poured from cast molds and not die cuts, for a more high quality look.

1 1/4" X 1"

R. $22.00

Flat Cast Sterling Silver Show Goat
These charms are poured from cast molds and not die cuts, for a more high quality look.

1-1/4" X 1"

Beaded Necklace

Woven beaded Necklace INCLUDES sterlings silver interchangeable V Slider and converter which slides over magnetic tube closure. You can connect different Pendants to this V Slider & converter. Select any of the show animals to go with
Necklace which will hook to V slider. (animal not included in this price.)

Sterling Silver Snake Chain with Removable End

Combine this necklace with the original A. Calf for a super gift and keepsake for any age. The necklace comes with a removable clasp to allow all pendants to easily slide on. 

Braided Black Leather with Silver Clasp


Most all of the pendants look great on these braided leather choker necklaces.You can easily change out pendants.

#B2 V Slider & Connector

Price: $23.00

Basket Weave Horse Hair Bracelet

Horse hair bracelet done in basket weave, Elegant, with very nice narrow magnetic clasp
Small 6.5"- med 7"-8" - large (8.5" to 9")
$26.00 for just bracelet

Double Strand Horse Hair Bracelet

Bracelet constructed with two strands of
Horse hair. The magnetic closure is suitable for engraving, ½"wide, over 3/4" long. Stainless steel.
Sizes very to small degree Small 6.5" med 7"-8" Large 8.5 to 9'"
$26.00 bracelet only

Horse Hair Bracelet with Knot

Bracelet of thinly woven horse hair with double knot in Center, great for attaching charms, collect several. Select from any of the charms listed which can be added. Hook closure.
Colors of sorrel, palomino or black. Size can vary. Small 6.5", med 7"-8" Large 8.5-9"

Images pictured not actual size. See measurements on each product for more accurate dimensions.

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